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Seminary Support Program

At Grace, we're excited about our investment in the development and support of Southern Seminary students.  We piloted a program during the Fall 2021 semester that provide each participating student with a ministry mentor, a family advocate, and tuition assistance.

Participating students have made Grace their church home while in Louisville (formal membership is encouraged but not required), and we are making available a wide range of opportunities where they can apply their gifts and the education they're receiving at Southern.

What's a ministry mentor?

For the purposes of this program, a ministry mentor is not the same thing as an expert. Rather, a mentor is a faithful, ministry-minded believer at Grace who is committed to investing in a student, on a per-semester basis. 

If you're a participating student, your mentor's investment includes three specific commitments:  pray, watch and meet.  

Your mentor will pray regularly for your spiritual health, personal relationships, and ministry preparation progress.  

Your mentor will watch for opportunities for you to serve at Grace, and will work with other ministry leaders to find an appropriate context for service. Watching also includes keeping an eye on your progress in ministry, and paying attention to how both character and competency are demonstrated in your service to the church.

Your mentor will meet with you weekly.  Meeting will provide a chance to share feedback about things you're doing well, and to discuss possible adjustments, evidence of gifts, and long-term direction. Meeting will also give you an opportunity to share with your mentor how you're applying your education in a practical ministry context.

What's a family advocate?

A seminary family advocate is a person or family at Grace who is willing to care for a student (and that student’s family), on a per-semester basis, in three specific ways.

Similar in some ways to the commitments of a mentor, your advocate will be committed to pray, meet and help.

Your advocate will pray regularly for your spiritual health, protection and progress, as well as that of your family.

Your advocate will meet with you (and family, if applicable) at least once a month. The purpose of this time together will be to provide encouragement and support, as well as to stay in touch with how you're doing in terms of studies, family, ministry and future plans.

Your advocate will be commited to help with the unique intensity of seminary life. They will provide personal and practical support themselves where possible, and will help to  find support from others when that’s more appropriate. This commitment is not a blank check, of course, but it is an open-ended willingness to be available.

What's tuition assistance?

Tuition assistance will vary by semester, depending on funds available and levels of student participation.  For the Fall 2022 semester, the support rate for participating students is $100 per credit hour, up to $1000 per semester.  Funds will be applied directly to each student's SBTS tuition account.

How do I get started?

To take the next steps toward becoming a participating student, contact us:


Or visit us for a Sunday servce at 10:45am.  We would love to meet you.